A Note from Mark Daniel Snyder about HRC Protest This Saturday

Queer Activists & Allies,

This Saturday we’ll be having a party and a protest outside the HRC
Gala in San Francisco. It will be at 6pm at the Westin St. Francis.

QueerToday.com activists will be there in solidarity with the organizers, SF Pride at Work and others.

In an ironic twist, HRC is running ads in the SF radio market that say
“come to the HRC gala and learn about our groundbreaking work for
transgender rights.” Well I hope people do come to the gala to see
that, because they will be greeted with a protest over HRC’s historic
lack of understanding.

Join us in telling HRC to STOP endorsing war mongers (Joe Lieberman and others) and START supporting Trans Rights!

Please visit http://www.queertoday.com
to stay up to date for all the details, make your own profile, stay
informed on lgbt news and issues, and connect with other queer
activists from around the world!

Other protests are being planned for Chicago, and other cities – don’t miss out!

In solidarity!

Mark Snyder

P.S. Please feel free to contact me with feedback or suggestions for
the site – we’re trying to build a fabulous network of queer activists.
Be a part of the action!


One Response to A Note from Mark Daniel Snyder about HRC Protest This Saturday

  1. Kelli Busey says:

    Please support the Dallas Texas Black Tie Boycott by signing the petition to Bishop Robinson not to attend.


    It is understood by all involved with the Dallas Boycott that this particular Black Tie is not run by HRC and that a portion of it’s proceeds are earmarked for HRC and the remaining portion to be divided up among the recipient’s HRC deemed worthy.

    It is also understood when HRC made a conscious decision to dissect the GLBT and leave a portion unprotected it is a agenda that encompasses all gender variant, and not just the financially well off gender variant.

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